Using Essential Oil Diffuser: Why and How?

Who doesn’t like a living space that smells fresh and peaceful? Having a home aroma that makes you feel cozy as well as fit at the same time is a dream for many. Apparently, the most efficient wellness routines are those that fit easily into your daily routine. But think of oil diffusers as a low-effort entrée into your self-care.

Essential oils bring elements of wellness into your home and transform your space into a serene nest. You can breathe easier and fresh.

Oil diffusers recharge your home décor and spice up your self-care game in the process. Although, proceed with caution because diffusing essential oils can be super daunting and should not be done by everyone.

As per the renowned wellness experts, there are a lot many things you need to know about diffusion before working on it. So, first, let’s understand oil diffusers in detail.

What is Oil Diffuser?

Simply put, it is a device that breaks oils into smaller molecules; thus, spreading them into the air. Its job is to evenly disperse the molecules at a comfortable concentration. The ideal concentration should be easy to breathe and should not overbear the room. This process serves the purpose of generating a pleasant and calming effect.

Know that different lubricants have different claims, which means they serve distinct purposes. For instance, lavender oil is popular among people as a sleep savior.

It fills the atmosphere of a room with tiny and breathable particles of beneficial essential oils.

There are four different types of oil diffusers on the market, namely, Nebulizing, Ultrasonic or Humidifying, Evaporative, and Heat or Electric diffusers. You can also come across several tricked-out oil diffusers in the market with features like ambient lighting and impeccable features. On the other hand, while design-led ceramic or reed oil diffusers are great for health, ones with automatic switch-offs or timers are an amazing choice for long-hour usage.


As you know, essential oils have reputed medicinal and therapeutic properties. Many also have a calming effect that can reduce blood pressure in someone who is hypertensive. For example, eucalyptus is great for treating cold and respiratory issues. It also clears congested airways that arise due to allergies and cold. The same can also be used for better sleep routines and health. Basil oil is beneficial in digestive issues and muscle aches.

Though all these advantages can be ingested in small quantities or applied to the skin directly by using a diffuser, which will harmonize different essences and create a signature blend. For instance, a blend of bergamot and cardamom makes a great energy-boosting combination. The dry citrus note of bergamot gives an instant uplift, while the cardamom enhances your focus and mental clarification.

For relaxation, go for a blend of geranium, frankincense, and mandarin, wherein geranium will ooze a balancing and calming effect, frankincense will deepen and slow your breath, and mandarin will add a sweet and uplifting aroma.


If you really want to feel like living in a spa, ensure you know how to use it the right way. Furthermore, if you don’t have any kind of allergy to a particular essential oil, it’s safe for you to have a diffuser on overnight while sleeping. However, if you have any health concerns, better consult a physician before using it.

Oil diffusers demand cleaning regimens, but you don’t have to clean a diffuser after each use. Yet, if you are so inclined, while cleaning out your diffuser, also reset your daily intentions. Moving on, first, unplug everything and gently spill out any water. Then, wipe the tank clean with a damp cloth and organic soap. Make sure you rinse and dry all equipment when complete.

That said, buy one of the best and favorite of many, diffusers for Young Living essential oils. It thrives by the approach ‘let’s be real’ and scent your home with refreshments in all the best ways.

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