Everything you need to know about Wigs and Laces

When buying a wig, doubts arise! What is the Lace Wig, lace front, full lace, hair types, and other questions about lace, and so that you know everything to choose what is best for your use, we will answer all your doubts about lace in this post?

There are many things to know about this new type of wig, they are modern wigs, more natural, and with hair that can be synthetic or human. They are divided into Lace Wig, lace front, full cap, among others. Today you will know several things about laces so that you can choose yours according to the best use for you, if it is a place for everyday use, to use once in a while, for a party, clearing all your doubts regarding these modern wigs that are dominating the scene of the modern wig industry.

Whatever the reason that led you to want to buy lace, from the desire to change and feel good with different looks without having to chemically treat your natural hair, to needing a lace because of a hair transition or even some problem with hair. But to buy right you need to know, what is the lace wig, lace front, full lace, hair types, and other questions about lace and everything that is pertinent to them.

The truth is that there are several reasons that are moving thousands of women to wear the wig as an accessory. The question is: why not? If you can dress up with different looks, you can also do that with your hair!

The elastic band is the technique of sewing an elastic band on the ends of your lace from ear to ear, to make it more secure. It can also be used together with the little ones or not. It can be used in the front or full lace, but in the case of full lace, you need to be careful where you are going to sew the elastic so as not to force the lace and it will tear. Need to sew where there is reinforced stitching, not directly into the fabric of the lace.

The base of the wig: Full-Cap or Open-Cap?

One more item to differentiate your wig: it can be full-cap or open-cap. The two cover the hair well, the difference is that in the full cap, the hair is sewn into a cap so that you have full coverage of your hair. Advantage: full head = voluminous hair. Disadvantage: the scalp does not breathe as much, and you may feel the heat in your head.

In the open cap, the hair is sewn in bands. This means that they are spaced between one lock or another, making your scalp more ventilated.

I think it’s important to remember the appliqués for small parts of the hair here. They can also be considered “wigs” but only cover a part of your hair.

Lace Front:

The lace-front is a full wig that has a fine lace mesh on the front of the hair that allows for stylish, custom fitting. This front T part lace wig is usually glued to the forehead making the transition to the skin smoother for the skin.

Full Lace:

This is the type of wig that has more flexibility and naturalness and can even be used with buns or a high ponytail! The top has individual strands of hair pulled through the fabric of her cap. This gives the illusion of hair coming from the scalp.

U Shaped:

This wig has a U-shaped opening at the beginning, so you can let some of your natural hair out, making the hairstyle look more natural. This works best if the texture of your hair is exactly the same as the wig.


A closure is not exactly the wig, but rather an “attachment” that people use to close a wig, especially if you’re wearing a U part wig human hair. This type of complement is widely used by those who make wigs by hand.

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Half Wig:

A half wig is shorter than a regular wig in terms of coverage. It is used when one wants to add volume and body length to the hair and is usually secured with combs or clips that fit the rest of the hair.

Silk Top Wig:

This is a wig where the scalp looks the most natural compared to all other wigs. In this case, the hair entry part of the “silk top” is made of silk and the hair knots are hidden under the second piece of material that gives the greater illusion of “skin tone”. One advantage is that this type is generally multidirectional, giving greater flexibility. In this type of wig, you may not be able to make a high ponytail or because the front is very natural, but on the back, the wefts are usually machined. It is secured with combs or clips that fit your natural hair.

Monofilament Wigs:

In the monofilament wig, each strand of hair is fixed to a barely visible offset, giving a more natural look to look and spreading the hair evenly over the scalp when worn.

The list in real life ranges from Beyoncé, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Nicki Minaj, Oprah Winfrey, and others. There are several celebrities, fashionistas, and anonymous people who are wearing lace wigs.

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