Monsters as Bedmates: How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Yourself

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Yourself

There are a number of things that the world could live without. Things like monsters. There are monsters out there that we shouldn’t come in contact to. Some monsters are even microscopic yet they could take down a man, from the inside or out. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Yourself.

Parasites may also be called or classified as monsters. A parasite is an organism that latches or lives in a host, with or without the knowledge of the host. It gets its food from the host it has attached itself unto. They jump from host to host once they’re done. Parasites could even bring diseases to its host. Parasites have been known to carry diseases that have wiped out a group of animals or humans. Some diseases a parasite brings can either be curable or incurable.

There are different types of parasites around the globe and they vary in sizes. They are classified based on their lifespan and on their host. When it comes to the human body, there are approximately 4 classifications. 70% usually live all over our bodies while 40% remains in our digestive system. There are over a thousand types of parasites that can live in the human body alone. At the moment, there are literally monsters living inside of us.

Aside from parasites that take the human body as a host, there are also parasites around the environment. There are plant parasites that latch unto certain types of plants. Example of plant parasite, the mistletoe. Animals also have parasites that grow inside them or latch onto the skin. For dogs, parasites like mites find them as hosts. They latch onto their fur and suck the dog’s blood, causing itchiness and irritation.

There are actually parasites that you may be sleeping next to. A common parasite found in homes are bed bugs. Fun fact: Bedbugs acquired their name due to the fact that they are mostly attracted to warm houses and are found in beddings or other sleeping areas. These parasites are very fond of blood especially human blood. They can suck away without being noticed. Bedbugs can cause skin rashes, allergies, and psychological effects. As far as research goes, they haven’t been proven to spread any diseases.

There is clearly a problem when it comes to bedbugs. They could multiply in alarmingly high numbers. Although nothing has truly proven that they may transmit diseases, bedbugs still leave bites all over its host’s body. The sucking goes unnoticeable until you see the bite mark itself. It leaves a nasty mark, marking the skin. So now, how do we get rid of bedbugs?

Bedbug Infestation

Bedbugs do not simply appear out of nowhere. There are brought into the house in a number of ways. Once bedbugs make a nest in your home, stopping them would be impossible because these parasites are small and hard to catch. So the important thing is locating said bugs before they start to multiply.

Causes of Bedbugs

  •    You might have brought in previously infested items such as clothing or furniture.
  •    The bugs or its eggs might have been brought in by a visitor in your home; attached to the visitors clothing or luggage.
  •    They might have come in through faulty ventilation or air ducts.
  •    They might have been brought in by any wild animal that has entered your home by mistake.
  •    Bedbugs may lodge unto uncleansed bed frames and furniture.

Detection of Bedbugs

For the elimination or prevention of bed bugs, the first step is always detecting these parasites before a full infestation occurs. Being prepared always helps before making a move.

Bedbugs usually stick to their host, they physically attach themselves. After sucking their hosts’ blood, they move and hide towards somewhere close. Like the hosts’ sheets or mattress.

Bedbugs are usually nocturnal, making it difficult to detect them. They often hide in dark crooks and crannies with their eggs embedded onto the seams of blankets or sheets. Bedbugs could only be determined once you’ve found fresh drops of blood on your sheets or an exoskeleton left by the parasite.

There are actual dogs drained to locate bedbugs on any furniture. Bedbugs are said to have a distinctive smell, like the smell of rotting raspberries.

Some Tips

  •    When preparing the bed for inspection, remember to reduce clutter to make things easier. Be careful when moving or transferring items from infested are because you may also transfer the bedbugs.
  •    Personal items like blankets, sheets, and stuffed animals should be thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Clean it gently, and slowly. Working to harshly may transfer the bedbugs.
  •    Inspect all furniture in the room just to make sure. Bedbugs may have a number of hiding spots, especially bed frames.
  •    Infested garment and sheets should be washed and soaked thoroughly in hot water. Make sure that the water is really hot.
  •    Thoroughly clean infested areas with a steel brush to remove and dislodge eggs.
  •    Bedbugs cannot simply be killed by pesticides. Spraying them with any pesticides would only increase the chances of spreading these parasites rather than eliminating them.
  •    When setting up your bed, remember to tuck in your sheets and blankets. Keep them away off the floor. Put tiny water dishes on the bed stands to avoid bugs from crawling towards your bed.

Remember that you could always seek help from professional pest control, but the cost would be expensive. The best thing to do is to prevent these bedbugs from infesting because once they start, it would be a difficult task to get rid of them. Bedbugs are very persistent and stubborn parasites. They can withstand freezing and heat. They can also withstand not eating for a year. To really get rid of bedbugs, you have to continue blocking their source of food. Keep everything clean and do weekly or monthly inspection. Just observe if the scent of rotten raspberries suddenly waft through.

Monsters may be something we could live without, especially when it comes with parasites. They are considered harmful, but elimination would not be beneficial. They are studied and are proven to have an important role. They are believed to even transfer genetic materials between species.

Monsters are harmful. We just have to keep away from them and let them be because no matter how small and harmful, they may play an important role in our environment. Now you know How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Yourself.