How to get rid of Yeast Infection Naturally

How to get rid of Yeast Infection Naturally

You might have experienced burning pain around your genital area especially when you are urinating. Itchiness, and soreness on your vaginal area is also noticeable. This brings you to search for an answer to how to get rid of yeast infection naturally, to prevent sharing your discomfort with others. You may also feel pain during intercourse. Yeast infections are very common to women. There are times that it even accompanies a white and clumpy discharge. Sometimes, even a mild smell. You can treat this infection using traditional medicine but there are also home remedies which might get rid you of the symptoms. You might as well try them first before trying over the counter drugs to avoid spending too much money.

Yeast infection is cause by a yeast-like fungus which is the “candida albicans”. This fungus inhabits our body naturally mostly it is found in the gut but they may occur in our vagina, mouth and anus because those areas are warm and moist which this fungus really enjoys. These fungi are being controlled by the presence of good bacteria living inside our body. But when the natural balance of good versus bad bacteria is upset meaning bad bacteria over populate the body; that is the time when these fungi multiply inside our body and cause yeast infection.

Treatments you can do at home

How to get rid of a yeast infection naturally only need proper determination so that the symptoms will go away within a short period of time. If you will go to a doctor most probably you will be suggested to take antibacterial capsules which can be fetched in a high price but these medicines might also have some bad effects in your internal organs in the future. This is why it is safe to treat the infection using natural ways before taking it into a more serious treatment. You might have heard from your friends or relatives that they have had the symptoms once or even many times and they only treated it using home remedies. This is because the best answer to how to get rid of yeast infection naturally, is to do it, well, naturally.

The first thing that you have to consider is your diet. Eating healthy foods especially fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating foods which can multiply the growth of candida such as candies and chocolates, artificial sweeteners, and other foods containing too much sugar. Avoid stimulants such as soft drinks and coffee. Foods containing preservatives, dairy products and processed foods must be avoided too.Instead take foods which has more probiotics or foods that contain good bacteria. This will fight the candida fungus and will put the normal balance of your body.

Taking in garlic capsules twice a day will also help in killing the fungi for garlic is a natural antibiotic. Drinking cranberry juice will ease the burning pain you feel during urination. These simple tips and home remedies can help you relieve with the symptoms without having to spend much unlike if you will purchase those costly medicines and furthermore medicines for yeast infection are usually bought with a doctor’s prescription and must be taken for two weeks. Forgetting to take your medicine at a designated time or if you lapse taking those antibiotics; there is a chance that the fungi will be immune with the medicine and would no longer be effective to treat the symptoms.