How to get rid of Wrinkles: Ways to Prevent Those Fine Lines!

How to get rid of Wrinkles

Commercials are raving on about age-defying creams and how this works after a couple of weeks. Downside, not all of those age-defying creams can work on just anybody. Added to that, the price of actually purchasing a product that is only enough for a couple of days can be a little steep. How do you get wrinkles anyway? We all know that wrinkles that start showing up when we start to age. It starts out with those little almost-invisible lines that we ignore. Then when it starts to spread you either look for ways to lessen it or just let nature run its course. Read more to discover how to get rid of wrinkles.

Various studies were conducted that showed that the shape and size of deep wrinkles are like fingerprints. Each has its own “mark” just like your fingerprints. It is unique.

When you heard about the age-defying cream you may have found the solution to your problems – and a way for you to lose some of your money. However, don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment, or your face for that matter. Your emotion is your ultimate-wrinkling agent. Your “mimetic muscles” or network of facial muscles, are directly connected to your emotions. These muscles respond to your emotions by forming expressions that dictate the depth and position of deep wrinkles. There are also studies that recommend cutting or paralyzing the nerves that control the mimetic muscles which would reduce deep wrinkles.

How to get rid of Wrinkles

Step 1: Spotting your emotions

We unconsciously scrunch up our faces when we’re in deep thoughts or concentrating on some tasks. Frowning when we see something we don’t like even if you think you were wearing your poker face. Or just grinning like a love-sick fool because you saw your crush. Glance in the mirror from time to time and see we’re wrinkles appear whenever you catch yourself.

Step 2: De-wrinkling

Studies show that changes in your eyebrow position can considerably reduce your forehead wrinkles. Of course if you can de-wrinkle your forehead, why not your entire face?

Step 3: Emotional De-Wrinkling

You’ve already spotted your emotions. Go look in the mirror and repeat these emotions. Let it play across your face. Observe the wrinkles that this particular emotion creates. Lessen the depth of your wrinkles by twitching your face muscles however you can.

After you’ve adjusted your mimetic muscles, hold it for two minutes. Check the mirror to make sure you are eliminating that wrinkle. Keep going at it until your facial muscles get used to it.

Step 4: Cataloguing your emotion spots

File your emotions under different names such as tension = eyebrow wrinkle = excited.

Use this kind of cataloguing method in each emotion so you won’t forget about it.

Step 5: Wrinkle Monitoring

Act like a ninja when you’re looking out for those evasive wrinkles. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it. They could come to you at work or at home, driving or eating. Anytime you feel emotion they are there to add another set of wrinkle family somewhere on your face. Prevent this by carrying a mirror and being conscious of the emotions playing across your face. You can not only feel young, you can look it too.