How to get Rid of Wasps – Safer Alternatives

How to get Rid of Wasps

Wasps are tiny little creatures.  At first glance they could seem harmless, but they are not.  They have a stinger and when they get it you it would surely be painful.  This is why you need to know How to get Rid of Wasps. Multiple wasp stings can be very lethal, so getting rid of them is also necessary.

Just like humans, wasps try to blend in the ecosystem. Unfortunately, they all act on impulse and a sudden human behavior may be perceived as a threat. Therefore, if you have kids, pets, or people coming in and out of your house often, then it is better to ensure that you would send the wasps away.

How to get rid of wasps?

To get rid of wasps permanently is to make sure that they do not have a nest nearby; this might require you to raid the area to check it.  You can spray some insecticides to get rid of those wasps that get into your home from time to time, but they would still comeback some other time.

You can get rid of the nest first, and you will be able to take care of the entire colony along the way. Although the process can also be very dangerous so make sure that you take extra caution. If you are not confident about doing the job, you can always hire someone.

Is there any safer way to get rid of wasps?

If you are expecting not to kill any wasps when you mean safer, this article would not be able to promise that. This material does not also campaign to get rid of all bees’ in general since they play a vital role in our ecosystem.  However, this is about providing you not toxic alternative in getting rid of them.

Bugs spray or insecticides are packed with poisonous content. Although, they have promising and immediate result, constant exposure to poisonous substance is not healthy. With kids, around the house keeping these insecticides may not just be a good idea at all.

How to safely keep them out?

Get rid of any leftover food

Food always draws attention even to insects. So, to ensure that you would not attract wasps into your household have covered garbage can, store leftover food in appropriate places, and if you have pets store their food in containers that you can cover.

If you happen to see some wasps visiting your house from time to time, make sure that other than food, you and your household do not smell so sweet or flowery, they might mistook you for something else.

Do the “Sandwich bag” trick


This is you hanging a sandwich bag on your doorway filled with water. Some people who have tried it states that wasps cannot see that well, therefore they could mistake it for some spider web or something. Whether the justifications are right or not, the trick works. Plus, you can hang multiple sandwich bags if you prefer.

Soapy water and Peppermint

This combo maybe one of the best since most people have tried using it to get rid of wasps, bees, and even hornets and it works. You can have a spray bottle fill it with soapy water and then add ample drops of peppermint in it and viola you got a wasp spray! This is the most efficacious way to know How to get Rid of Wasps.