How to get rid of Tonsil Stones without Surgery

How to get rid of Tonsil Stones

How to get junk from behind your tonsils is a fairly easy question to answer. The better question is how do I prevent tonsil stones. Let us start at the beginning. Tonsil stones are most often created by bacteria and food which get stuck in or around your tonsil’s. Depending on the severity of your tonsil stones changes the treatment options. Keep reading to learn How to get rid of Tonsil Stones.

For many tonsil stones, no treatment is required. In fact, for most, you can pick them out with a tooth pick or any over the counter dental pick you can purchase at a drug store. For smaller and less simple to remove tonsil stones, you have a less painful option to remove the tonsil stones with a simple salt water gargle. How to get rid of tonsil stones is extremely simple if you use a combination of a tooth pick / dental pick and a salt water gargle to flush the sediment out. That combination will remove the vast majority of the common tonsil stone issues people will be faced with. This is the quickest answer to How to get rid of Tonsil Stones.

Get rid of Tonsil Stones

For complications with tonsil stones you will want to visit a doctor. The reason for this is simple, infection. Infection from the bacteria which forms in your tonsil’s as a result of the sediment which gets trapped is serious cause for concern. Unfortunately, it would not be possible to cure a serious infection from home. But in some instances you can mitigate an infection.

A very common and old method to prevent and stop infections is the use of Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar was long touted as a cure all for many ailments and issues and of them would be non severe infections. The recipe for Apple Cider Vinegar infection treatment is a simple solution of two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in eight ounces of warm water.

The purpose of diluting Apple Cider Vinegar is to lessen the bitter taste, which is often associated with the vinegar, and to also spread out the Apple Cider Vinegar. From personal experience, you want to buy the more expensive Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. This will ultimately make the taste exponentially better and make it far more effective. It is worth the couple dollar difference.

Between the various methods listed above, you have all the tools needed to figure out how to get rid of tonsil stones. The symptoms of tonsil stones are very commonly a sore throat, pain in your tonsil’s or difficulty swallowing. What makes discovering how to get rid of tonsil stones difficult is the fact that symptoms are very common and can be associated with several other ailments. When in doubt, visit a doctor to get it straightened out. Now you know How to get rid of Tonsil Stones.