How to get rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

How to get rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

Many people don’t like stretch marks, the reality is they make someone uncomfortable and to some extent lower the personality. This is not a disease but badges of transition. This is actually lines on the surface of the skin. Ideally it is not a crime to have stretch marks because they occur naturally. For instance, if you are putting on weight so fast, pregnancy and even growing fast can be a major contributing factor.   To avoid feeling unsafe with them, you can use some few local remedies to do away with them. The following are the ways on how to get rid of stretch marks naturally. Keep reading to learn How to get rid of Stretch Marks Naturally.

Apply olive oil

Olive oil will help your skin to soften and then expands to clear the marks, also the vitamin E that is contained in the oil, help to protect the skin.

Try a potato

Potato is food yes but it can do you great work on skin. Cut it and make sure it is juicy and rub it on the stretch marks. The juice contains vitamins that help to develop skin cells that fight any occurrence of stretch marks. This the simplest way on how to get rid stretch marks naturally.

Use egg whites

Egg whites contain protein that helps your skin to develop or look good. Rub the egg white on the affected area two to three times a day. You will be able to observe some changes after some time.

Try aloe Vera

You can agree that aloe Vera is a plant which does multiple healings. Squeeze the juice and apply it on the stretch marks, you can do as many times as you can per day because there is no overdoes. But too much of the application will not be effective, just twice a day will be fine.

Use lemon juice

Lemon juice too is a natural bleaching agent-rub the juice on the affected area gently though it bitter but a few seconds you feel better. Allow it dry and then rinse to ensure the area remains clean.


Sugar can do well too

Use white sugar to rub it on the stretch marks; you can mix it with some lemon juice or any other oil for easy application. Give it some little minutes to dry then rinse.

Stretch mark is not a disease, but they make you feel uncomfortable, but with the natural remedies we have given above on how to get rid of stretch marks naturally will help you a lot. Now you know How to get rid of Stretch Marks Naturally.