How to Get Rid of Silverfish Quick and Easy?

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Without you knowing it, you can encounter different problems in the house especially those that are made by different pests. One of the most common problems of many homeowners is the silverfish. Even though the silverfish is really known to be harmless, these grayish blue kind of serpentine pests are not as good to be disregarded in the house. They are commonly being feed on dead skin cells, books and other starchy things that are confined in wet spaces.

Once you have determined that the house is infested with silverfish, make sure that you will familiarize yourself on how to get rid of silverfish. There could be a variety of ways being considered by most of the homeowners, there are some that would trap them, repel them and make the silverfish know they are not welcome in the house. But, to have a better idea on the things needs to be done, check the following things provided below. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Silverfish.

Trapping the Silverfish: Getting Started

One of the top ways to easily get rid of the silverfish is to trap them. The silverfish is actually known to be nocturnal so you won’t really expect to see them in the morning but you can get started in checking the trails they are leaving behind. Look for the areas where they have left their marks, specifically in wet areas. Check the things that they are trying to get and have from your house and start your plan.

Glass Jar – one of the most common things being done by the people is trapping the silverfish in their glass jars. To do this, you have to get a glass jar and wet it inside, put a tape all over the outside body of it and simply put a small piece of bread inside it. The silverfish would get started in going inside the glass jar during the night and they can’t go out of it anymore because it would be too slippery for them.

Newspaper – also, you can get a roll of newspaper, wet it and let it stay in the area where you suspect that the silverfish is staying. The silverfish would be attracted in the newspaper and they would make it a home later on. But, make sure that you will get rid of the newspaper early in the morning by burning it to be assured that the silverfish would be killed on it.

Using Repellants and Insecticides: What You Need to Know

On the other hand, there are also some repellants and insecticides that is being sold in the groceries to help you with this. Make sure that you will do different researches for the most reliable brand of the insecticides that you will use. There could be a lot of it for you to choose from but there is only one that is best for you to get. You should also know the common risks of using these kinds of materials and chemicals especially that it could be harmful for your health. Now you know How to Get Rid of Silverfish.