How to get rid of Post Nasal Drip

How to get rid of Post Nasal Drip

Post nasal drip is a type of syndrome that may cause discomfort depending upon its type. There are some common symptoms that occur during this syndrome. Before you start treating a disease you must know the root cause of the disease. Mucous glands in the human body are responsible for the secretion of mucous fluid; this fluid is slippery in nature with the covering of mucous membrane on it. Keep reading to learn How to get rid of Post Nasal Drip.

What actually happens in post nasal drip?

There is a certain amount of the mucous produced by the membrane, but the problem occurs when there is excess mucous produced by the membrane. This excess mucous collectively resides in the sinus cavity. The excess mucous is problematic for most of the people.

How to get rid of post nasal drip by knowing the symptoms?

The symptoms that you can have when you are affected:

  • Congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Cough

When you have all the above symptoms, it means you are suffering from a post nasal drip. Post nasal drip can be very irritating because of the excess mucus.

How to get rid of post nasal drip if you are pregnant?

The possible reasons for post nasal drip can have various connections, pregnancy is one of them. During the pregnancy, there are different hormonal changes inside the body. Due to these hormonal changes there are quite reasonable chances that you may suffer from post nasal drip.  During the pregnancy, it is strongly prohibited to take any kind of medicine. Therefore, pregnant ladies should see their doctor in order to get medical advice. Don’t get yourself into trouble by getting over the counter medicines.

How to get rid of post nasal drip using home therapies?

Sore throat is one of the things that irritate the most when you are suffering from post-nasal drip. At times in an emergency, you may not find the doctor to consult, in that case you can have some home therapies applied.  It is better to have home therapy applied rather than taking medicines over the counter. The advantage of applying home therapies for the problems like nasal drip is that they don’t have any kind of side effect. The best applicable remedy is to use a half teaspoon of salt with a cup of water and practice gargling. This may seem to be slow in getting effect, but it will definitely help you out in getting rid from a nasal drip. Now you know How to get rid of Post Nasal Drip.