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How to Get Rid of Foot Odor

How to Get Rid of Foot Odor

How to Get Rid of Foot Odor

Foot odor is not a strange thing when mentioned to anyone. It is an embarrassing thing that many would like to evade at all costs, since it has proved to be some sort of menace to many individuals over a long period over time. There are many simple ways to treat and get rid of it though it proves to be quite challenging to some individuals. It is important to know the causes before finding a once and for all remedy. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Foot Odor.

Main causes

  • Fungal infection

It’s exhibited by discoloration of the toe nails due to infection and ends up causing foot odor

  • Poor feet ventilation

This causes sweat on the foot not evaporate that’s leads to accumulation of certain acids behind the irritating foot odor

  • Being anxious and nervous

When nervous and anxious about something, there is production of sweat on the body, foot included, which has approximately a quarter million sweat glands that cause sweating. Note sweat is the main cause of foot odor. This is a good creation of breeding ground for bacteria which end up causing smelly feet


Treatment varies based on the cause of the foot odor but one has to pay close attention to reduction of sweat since it is the main cause of this offensive odor. One has to simply do the following to understand how to get rid of foot odor.

  • Feet ventilation

Always find time to expose the feet on air whenever there is a chance, do not keep feet tucked in socks and shoes for long periods of time. Fresh air aids in evaporation of sweat causing a cooling effect to the feet and preventing them from smelling due to accumulated sweat

  • Types of socks

When having tight schedules that require you to put on your shoes all day round, cotton or woolen socks will be the best recommendation for one. They help to absorb perspiration keeping the feet dry all through

  • Change of shoes

One is highly recommended to not wear the same Pair of shoes on a daily basis since they require aeration too to get rid of the stink caused by the previous accumulated sweat. Also try as much as possible not to wear the same pair of socks daily, use antibacterial detergents each time when washing the socks

  • Diet

It is advisable to pay keen interest on the diet one is exposed to. Too much consumption of food stuffs such as garlic and onions causes body odor that is related to foot odor. Zinc elements are highly recommended by medics for those with the problem, hence foods with this mineral are encouraged.

  • Hygiene

To this problem at bay one is supposed to uphold hygiene of the highest order with close attention paid to the feet. Use of antibacterial soaps  at most twice a day, thorough scrapping of the sole and in between the toes, washing of the feet with cold water and drying properly afterwards are the simple hygienic steps one needs to adhere to.

  • White vinegar

This is a natural way of treating foot odor, what one is to is simply to soak the feet in a half bucket of water mixed with half cup of white vinegar, which acts as a disinfectant  that controls growth of bacteria causing foot odor.


Though embarrassing, offensive and disgusting, foot odor is easy to treat and know how to get rid of foot odor based on the above measures and many more others. Now you know How to Get Rid of Foot Odor.

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