How to Get Rid of Flies

How to Get Rid of Flies

Flies are insects that bring about nuisance in the house. There like creating habitats in the house, outside the house. If left uncontrolled, these insects can result to deadly diseases among human beings. The flies are unhygienic and more annoying when buzzing around the house.

Methods have been developed so as to ensure that the insects are controlled both indoors and outdoors. Therefore one should be comfortable since there are ways on how to get rid of flies quickly. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Flies.

Methods on How to Get Rid of Flies:

  • Thorough cleaning of fly attractants

The kitchen is most highly venue where flies make habitat, this is because the kitchen has food left overs, cooked food, kitchen refuse from foods, and all these are great attractants for flies.

The best way would be to clean the kitchen thoroughly by removing all sources of food to prevent access by the flies; all cooked foods should be kept safe in cupboards   and be well covered.

The dishes should be washed immediately after every meal. Any rooting food in the kitchen store should be disposed off in a composite pit so as to avid the foul smell attracting the flies.


  • Covering the dustbins

All the litter bins with dirty from the kitchen meant to be disposed   off in the composed outdoor should remain covered throughout so as to keep the flies away. If left open the attractant for flies can result to homegrown maggots, if flies gain access to it.

  • Use  of fly repellent plants

To keep the flying insects one should employ a natural method of using plants that flies dislike. The plants should be kept at the entrance where flies gain access into the house. Example of the plant to use is the mint.

Mint plant can also be crushed and placed near foods in the kitchen so as to keep the flies from sitting near the foods.

  • Luring the flies away from the house

To keep flies away from the house there are methods developed that is suitable in keeping way the flies from the house. Placing traps like a paper with bones and animal blood inside, far from the house, will attract flies from the house to the where the bones are placed.

Make holes on the bag containing the bones, this makes entrance for flies into the bag, being plastic bag, the flies will suffocate inside due to limited air inside.

  • Use  smoke

Smoke is great enemy to the flies; this can be used as a good solution to keep the annoying insects away. There are recommended candles like the citronella that help get rid of the flies. The method is not highly recommended as it causes air pollution.

  • use of bug vacuum

A bug vacuums an electronic device running on batteries that can be used to kill flies. The device is put on and pointed in the direction of the flies to catch them.

The insect is captured on an adhesive internal surface and hence making escape for them difficult. To take precautions   of avoiding the trapped flies laying eggs, the surface should be cleaned regularly.


Flies are unhygienic and at any cost should not be given a chance in the house but once you know how to get rid of flies, life becomes more exciting. Now you know How to Get Rid of Flies.