How to Get Rid of Face Fat

How to Get Rid of Face Fat

The face, just like any other part of the body, may accumulate fat under skin thus having an enormous face. A full face means that there is a larger number of fat cells around the face area enlarging rather than shrinking. This may make one feel a little uncomfortable especially if the face size does not rhyme with the body size. In the long run of temporary bloating or general body weight gain is when one is likely to experience a full face. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Face Fat.

Getting rid of face fat to go from a fuller face to a slimmer face will require one to follow the below basic steps on how to get rid of face fat:

Taking plenty of water

Dehydration is one of the factors that result in bloating of the face. Water will rehydrate one’s body and at the same time flush away toxins from the body thus the general health of the body is being taken care of. During normal circumstances, it is wise to take at list eight glasses of water daily if one is considering a good hygiene. Water is also believed to help in terms of reducing cravings for snacks and lower ones appetite for a large intake of foods, specifically fatty foods.


  • Fat intake reduction


Fatty foods are the main sources of direct fats when ingested into the body. These fats, when taken in excess, accumulate within the fat cells which in turn enlarge thus increasing the body area within which they are occurring. It is good to prepare one’s meals with just enough amounts of fat in it and if possible, prepare without any fats at all. Soda, deserts and excess sodium also contribute in puffing of the face. Reducing the content intake of these foods will also see great changes in the face size.


  • Avoid eating immediately just before bed.


In the science context, when one is sleeping, the metabolic rate slows down hence there is low energy consumption. This means that less fat is converted into carbohydrates to produce energy. The lesser the conversion, the more the accumulation.


  • Take a healthy and heavy breakfast.


Mainly consisting of whole grains and fruits, a heavy healthy and low fat breakfast will get the body metabolism to work extra hard and in turn assist in burning the extra calories in the body all day long. Involving oneself in activities rather than just lying down will promote this theory.


  • Establish an exercising routine


Body weight loss seems almost impossible if it is focused on one body part, in this case just the face. Strategizing towards general body weight loss is what will contribute toward getting rid of the face fat. Taking a daily and regular exercise of at list thirty minutes will result in a gradual loss of weight and so will the face become slimmer.

  • Facial exercising

Smiling is not just a facial expression but an important exercise that keeps the cheeks in shape. Also clinching the teeth help in cheek tightening.

  • Enough sleep

Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours daily will reduce bloating of the face from fatigue and sagging of the face which if ignored will make one have an unusually bigger face look.


A great look starts from the face. Always work towards obtaining that great look. and this begins on understanding on how to get rid of face fat. Now you know How to Get Rid of Face Fat.