How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

How to get rid of eye bags

Eye bags are simply swelling of the under eye. Common in aging individuals, it occurs when the muscles supporting the eyelids weaken and fats move into the lower eyelids causing a swelling. Fluid accumulation within the space below the eyes also contributes to bags. To get the steps on How to Get Rid of Eye Bags, it is important to understand its causes. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Eye Bags.

Bags come about due to different enhancing factors:

  • Inheritance hence genetic.
  • Allergies majorly by fluid retention can also cause bags under the eyes.
  • The skin becoming thinner during aging hence frequent instances of fluid retention under the skin.
  • Eye wrinkling caused by thinning of the skin is also an important factor.
  • Wrinkling of the eyes can occur due to excessive exposure of the eyes to the sun and smoking.

What are some of the steps to take on how to get rid of eye bags.

  • Drinking a lot of water

High salt concentration in the eye area draws water resulting in accumulation of water thus swelling. Crying, taking food with lots of salt or dehydration may increase salt concentration within the body and so taking plenty of water will flash away the excess salt. Avoiding foods that are too salty and dehydrating fluids is a crucial precaution in preventing excess salt concentration hence preventing fluid accumulations which result in eye bags.

  • Soothing the eyes

Usually by use of something cold, such as cucumber, cooling the area around the eye soothes it hence prevents frequent occurrence of eye bags

  • Concealing

Use of a concealed under the eye with a little make-up reduces the puffiness of the eye bags hence covers the boldness of the bags. It is usually more effective if the person applying the concealed considers the skin tone and so it should match otherwise the swelling within the eye will still be pronounced from afar.

  • Treatment of allergy

Incase bags come about as an allergic reaction, it is essential to know the cause of the allergy and take prescribed medication in the course of treating the allergy but best of all is to avoid the allergic substance at all costs.

  • Proper sleeping positions

Adaptation of sleeping on the back rather than sleeping on the side or even the stomach will highly discourage growing of eye bags as this position does not factor in accumulation of fluid under the eye when sleeping. When sleeping on the back, using a second pillow under the head will further prevent collection of fluid under the eye due to the downward angle.

  • Proper care of the face

The skin within the eye area is usually fragile and prone to damage, so there is need to take extra care when it comes to facial skin. First, avoid sleeping while wearing makeup. This is because the chemicals contained in the makeup may irritate the eye influencing occurrence of bags. Consider gentleness when dealing with facial skin, especially the eye area skin. Rubbing and scrubbing weakens the skin thus the need to use facial cleaner and a soft piece of cloth to wipe off the face. Moisturizing the skin ensure elasticity and prevents wrinkling. Use of sunscreen is also important in protecting the eye from direct sun rays.


Generally, good facial hygiene is an important and mandatory step in preventing eye bags, as prevention is better than cure. Now you know How to Get Rid of Eye Bags.