How to Get Rid of Ear Wax on Dogs – Easy Cleaning Solutions

How to Get Rid of Ear Wax on Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend. Indeed they are. Therefore, if you have a dogs or dogs in the house as their friend it is your responsibility to ensure that they stay clean and healthy. The rule of thumb in having dogs is to make sure that you bathe them regularly, clip their nails, and clean their ears. This is why you are searching for how to get rid of ear wax on dogs. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of ear wax on dogs.


Ear wax are also in dogs, just like as it is in humans. And if humans get rid of it, they should too. Unfortunately, dogs or pets in general do not the ability to clean it of them, so again you have to do the honor. Cleaning your dog’s ears should not be as difficult as it should, although, there are dogs that might not enjoy the process.

So, if you have owned a dog since it was a puppy you can train them to be open and behave in ear cleaning. If you have just adopted an adult dog, you have to train them twice as hard to enjoy the cleaning.

How to Get Rid of Ear Wax  on Dogs?

Some tips to follow easily:

To remove ear wax’s on dogs you can consult your vet of the best brand of dog ear cleaners. Also, you can make your own cleaning solution. is one among the many sites that provide you multiple dog cleaning solution ideas.  The most suggested one is the use of vinegar (regular or apple cider vinegar will do) and water.

Just some reminder before using the solution; check your dog’s ear for any swollen areas, any boils, or foul smell. Vinegar is an acid and might just cause your dogs discomfort during the cleaning process. If in case you would see swollen areas, you can ask your vet to check it out. If there is none you can proceed with the cleaning.

Vinegar and Water Ear Cleaning Solution

This would just require you a spray bottle, a regular bottle, a jar, or to any container that can store the liquid with ease. Mix a third of a cup of vinegar to two-third cup of lukewarm water and mix well. You can dampen a cloth or cotton before cleaning the outer part of your dog’s ear working your way through the inner part. You can also spray the outer part of the ear of the dog first before rubbing the dampen cloth or cotton. This will help you remove earwax quickly and easily.

Why clean your dog’s ears?

Well, because it saves your dog from future infections or any current infections from going lethal, caused by earwax build up. Not to mention it is a standard in grooming. Healthy dogs have good ears, just remember.

Ear cleaning is ideal to dogs that have floppy ears, compared to those dogs that have upstanding ears. Floppy ears can serve as trap for insects and dirt that if overlooked can cause serious damage to your dog. A shiny fur is not the only determinant of a healthy dog, so as its clean ears. Now you know how to get rid of ear wax on dogs. Go have fun with your pup!