How to get rid of Ear Mites

How to get rid of Ear Mites

Tiny microscopic organisms that are mostly associated with cats and dogs with a thin line drawing their difference from dust mites. Ear mites may cause great damage to pets especially cats if not realized and treated in time. They dysfunction the middle ear that gives balance to the animal. The animal might fail to walk or constantly walk in circles. Similar to dust mites, they do cause a series of allergic reactions that can be passed from pets to human beings, given the close relationship. You have to know how to get rid of ear mites instantly. Keep reading to learn How to get rid of Ear Mites.

Symptoms of infection

The following symptoms characterize the infestation of ear mites

  • Ear scratching
  • Constantly walking in circles
  • Balance loss
  • Shaky head
  • Fever
  • Black or grey spots in the year{exudates; blood and puss}
  • Lethargy

Treatment measures

One can decide to treat ear mites by one self or visit a vet.

Home treatment

  • One is advised to use mineral oil since it helps dissolve ear wax plugging the pet’s ear and it helps smother and kill the ear mites. Massage the pet’s ear to help spread the oil and at the same time get rid of the ear wax and ear mites.
  • Allow the pet to naturally shake the oil out of its ear after the above steps, preferably outdoors.
  • Use a cotton ball to clean the small bits of ear wax and ear mites left.

How to get rid of the ear mites

Problem identification

  • When a pet exhibits the following signs, be keen to note the presence of ear mites in the animals ears, blood blisters on the ears, laid back ears, constant shaking of the head, dark or brown crusty discharge called debris or a foul smell coming from the ear. Long term infection may cause production of pus or torn eardrums.



  • After problem identification and there is suspicion of the pet having ear mites, consult a vet to carry out diagnosis for confirmation and thereafter carry on with treatment, only their presence is confirmed. Check for mite eggs in the ear with the help of a microscope or live mites.
  • Use cotton balls or ear cleansers to clean the pets ears as instructed by the veterinarian with the animal under sedatives incase of resistance, this is meant to clear any discharge or wax in the ear
  • Administer prescribed mineral oil drops with the head tilted to one side for both ears.
  • Gently massage the dogs year and wipe out any drops from the ear using a piece of cloth, note this is meant for easy penetration of the administered medication.
  • It is also advisable to use anti inflammation antibiotics to cut down on itchiness of the animal and treat any secondary infection available.
  • The above treatment procedure should continue until advised to stop by the medic or the dose is complete, failure to this, it might lead to reinfection since it takes roughly ten days for the mites and their eggs to completely die.


Since ear mites are more prevalent in animal pets, constant checks of the ears are highly advised and seek quick vet help to get rid of them. Unlike dust mites, ear mites you can know how to get rid of ear mites. Now you know How to get rid of Ear Mites.