How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

What brought you here? Perhaps, it is your annoyance of flies that have turned your homes as their habitat as well. Drain flies which are otherwise called as sink flies or month are natural sight in many houses. They are living and breeding in organic areas which are usually found in moist drains. Thus, it is not surprising to find them in our kitchens and in our bathrooms too. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Drain Flies.

Getting Rid of Them

Our kitchen should be one of the cleanest places in our homes. It is where we prepare our food and because we take our food inside our bodies, we should be mindful of sanitation and cleanliness. Then our bathrooms should be a place where we are comfortable. It should be free from insects and all sorts of species that bring you creepy and spine chilling feelings. Since drain flies are among them, the best solution is to get rid of them. Now, the question therefore is how to get rid of drain flies.

Could be Harmless but Annoying

They are very tiny insects. Usually, they are between two to five millimetres in length. They are tan colored or sometimes light grey flies. They have short body. Their wings are leaf shaped. The body as well as the wings of the drain flies have shapes like that of leaves. They are covered with tiny hairs. Thus, they appear fuzzy. Such attribute contribute to its muted appearance. Then, its wings are just so large in comparison to its body. Their wings are folded. The pattern is similar to that of our roofs.

When we see drain flies, our initial reaction would usually be sickened. Drain flies grow in damp areas. They are not skilful in flying. They fly in irregular and jerky patterns. They are generally nocturnal insects. They eat on organic sources, usually on damp. They are typically available in areas which are infested like decaying vegetation, like that what you usually dump in your kitchen as well as in other microscopic animals and plants. Commonly, these drain flies lays their eggs in organic materials located in your pipes and drains. Their eggs are creamy and they are hatching in 32 to 48 hours!

Drain flies are among the breed of flies. They are generally harmless, but not absolutely harmless of course. Though they come from drains, they are not transmitting human diseases. They are actually part of several water dependent species existing in our ecosystems. But though they are harmless, they are annoying and they can give us much disturbance. They are undoubtedly pesky. They can irritate you so you should not let these flies give you unpleasant mood. You have to do something.

Know Your Enemy!

So what’s the point of reading all of these? As they say, we have to know our enemy. That’s one of the best ways of combating them. They are reaching maturity within nine to 14 days. The larvae can survive even in low oxygen habitat. Since they can grow really that quick, they can multiply within few days, and then there they go, bringing you much nuisance.

As mentioned a while ago, drain flies are not that harmful. However, they are not absolutely harmless. These small creatures are capable of contaminating your food mechanically because they came from dirty habitats, and you know what can happen next once your food is being contaminated by insects. Another danger is that they can worsen the bronchial asthma of those sensitive people.

Let’s do the move!

Now, what is it that we can do? The first thing that is actually to have that goal and that is nothing else but to destroy the source. You need to find that breeding source. After identifying the breeding source, you can now start the process of elimination. It is a matter of getting rid of the dirt and slime. These are deposited in the drains, the breeding paradise of these vexatious creatures.

Cleanliness will always matter. You have to clean your kitchen and bathroom drains and all the areas in your home and offices that can be the breeding place for these drain flies. Then you can use brush, specifically the metal pipe type. You will be pushing through the pipe. Then you have to push them through the pipes. You have to do such thoroughly, in frim upward and downward motion. All sides of the pipe must be cleaned well. You can also make use of plumbing snake to pull the grimes outside.

Addressing the Roots

If you are really serious in eliminating these annoying drain flies, you would also need a cleaner gel. It will help you coat your pipe sides. This cleaner gel are helpful because they are really made to take away the organic matter which are the major factor why these drain flies are breeding in your pipes. Hence, you are addressing the roots of the problem.

There are those who would still rely on bleach and boiling water. But the problem in there is that they don’t really remove the roots. They just cannot do anything in terms of the organic matter present in the pipes. Remember, these drain flies can still survive even in what we think to be very unfavourable temperatures.

After several hours of your cleaner gel application in your drain, you would have to pour out plenty amount of water. To make it more effective, flush all of those remaining matters that are being trapped inside your pipe.

But it doesn’t end there. You have to kill the adults, which are the culprit and source of these drain flies. In killing these drain flies you can make use of sprays and then swatters. However, you have to consider that some chemical sprays are toxic and so it will not be advisable to use them in your kitchen. You can consider using fly swatters, then liquid soap or dish soap spray that you can apply with warm water. Its mixture can effectively kill drain flies, too. Now you know How to Get Rid of Drain Flies.