How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms Fast

How to get rid of dark underarms fast

We all have, as adults, lots of things in common. We all breathe, we all get hungry and we will all at some time other, sweat. Sweat on your brow,  and you can simply wipe it away. Sweat somewhere a little more personal that is usual covered, such as under your arms and your perspiration can end up being all too obvious to those around you. Anyone suffering persistently with underarm sweat would therefore be interested in how to get rid of dark underarms fast. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms Fast.

Go into your common supermarket aisle and you will see a whole raft of antiperspirants under various different brands. For the large part, these products meet the needs of the many, but if you have sensitive skin, the chemicals contained within, they can lead to soreness, blocked pores and skin infections. It may be that you can just switch to a ‘moisturised’ brand (of which there are a few) which minimise the irritation, but for some the discomfort will still occur, even with these ‘milder’ brands.

Faced with this, many people turn to more gentle ‘off-the-shelf’ deodorising products which relieve the irritation antiperspirants can cause, but then the actual problem of dark underarms isn’t being dealt with.

So, returning to the title – ‘how to get rid of dark underarms fast’ – what steps can be taken to achieve this?

Correctly fitting clothes

The first thing to tackle are the clothes themselves. If your clothes are too small, even slightly, this leads to the fabric making contact with your underarm area, greatly increasing the chances of ‘dark’ patches appearing much more quickly than if a loose fitting garment was worn. A shirt or blouse that has lots of ‘breathing’ space around the armpit will firstly lower the temperature of the area through ventilation, reducing sweating and give sufficient room for a little underarm moisture that doesn’t find it’s way on the material of the clothes themselves, leading to problem dark areas.

Go to your GP

A lot of people (more pointedly men) suffer in silence with low-level skin conditions and don’t go to the doctor to sort it out before it becomes a real issue. In order to come up with another answer to ‘how to get rid of dark underarms fast’, you need to decide if there is any chance you have any topical problems that could either be making you sweat more, or causing enough irritation for you to be refraining from using your usual deodorant or antiperspirant.

If this is the case, (and I’m talking to you men out there) you must get yourself to the docs and get it sorted. There are many creams and topical applications that when used can get your underarm health back to where it should be.


This may seem a little ‘left-field’, but the stresses we all encounter on a daily basis, whether at work in the 9-5 ‘rat-race’ or as a busy parent can play a large part in how much pressure we feel and consequently, how much we sweat.

‘Easier said than done’ I hear you say. Well, five minutes can be difference between calm collected, dry and on time and late, stressed and sweaty. Allowing a few more minutes for things really can make the difference.

Morning preparation

Another tip on how to get rid of dark underarms fast, is with a morning prep routine. Ensuring you are nice and dry before you leave the house will go a long way to preventing moisture leading to dark underarms. Products like talcum powder contain a compound known as ‘fuller’s earth’ which is adept and absorbing moisture. It also forms a microscopic barrier between the skin of your arm and the skin or your torso. There’s nothing more likely to create sweat than ‘skin-on-skin’ contact. But you don’t have to use talc, those who shave under their arms would probably prefer a mild moisturiser to provide this barrier.

Natural remedies

Do a little research into natural methods of improving underarm health yields some interesting results. Type ‘how to get rid of dark underarms fast’ into popular search engines and you will be presented with solutions to the problem that might seem on the ‘out-there’ side of things, right up to ideas that could be perceived as old wives’ tales. They are however based in science and do work for some people.

For example, some everyday fruit and vegetables like potatoes and lemons have mild acidic qualities that can restore correct pH levels to your skin. Also, their exfoliating qualities help maintain skin health to the area they are applied to.

Obviously the fruit and vegetables will need to be thinly sliced or grated and the resultant substances applied. It won’t work if you just rub an unpeeled potato under your arm.

Dark underarm syndrome

Use of abrasive deodorants and antiperspirants, underarm shaving and products such as hair removal cream can lead to ‘dark underarm syndrome’ which actually turns the skin dark. So, a different literal meaning to the problem of how to get rid of dark underarms fast. The good news is that this can also be remedied using household fruit and vegetables applied to the skin and allowed to dry.

If you think that you do suffer with a ‘darkening’ of the skin under your arms, it is possible that it could be linked to more sinister underlying problems like obesity and cancer, so, as was said before, it is definitely worth a trip to the doctors. Better safe than sorry, as it may need a specific treatment that only your GP can offer.

So, we started with a claim to give you pointers on how to get rid of dark underarms fast and hopefully that’s what we’ve done. It boils down to proper routine, using the products or household fruit and veg that are right for your specific set of circumstances and wearing the correct clothing to promote ventilation.

Do you now know how to get rid of dark underarms fast? We hope you do! Now you know How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms Fast.