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How to Get Rid of Cavities

How to Get Rid of Cavities

How to Get Rid of Cavities

Cavities are health conditions that seriously affect the teeth. If you don’t want to experience a hell on earth, then don’t pray for your tooth to get troubled; because the kind of pain you will experience will have no match. Medical practitioners reveal that, poor hygiene is the main cause of tooth decay and if you are affected by this type of health condition, you will need to act fast in order to avoid further damage. It is understood that bacteria is the main carrier of dental cavities and if it settled on your tooth, it will create an acid that will cause damage to the tissue protecting the tooth, which will in turn result to toothache, bad breath, and possibly loss of tooth. In this article, you will be finding out how to get rid of cavities successfully. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Cavities.

Make use of fluoride

Using fluoride to get rid of cavities is very effective; it is important to know that fluoride plays a vital role in your teeth. It is a mineral substance that keeps the enamel of your teeth strong and healthy. Whenever you notice that cavities may likely form in your teeth, you can use fluoride to wash your mouth thoroughly so that the condition of your enamel will be restored.

You can try the root canal method

A root canal method is one of the important methods to use when you noticed damage on the root of your teeth. In this aspect, the service of a dentist will be required to remove the decayed part of the tooth and then replaced it with what is known as a porcelain filling.

Dental implant

This is another method you can adopt to get rid of cavities; a dentist or a specialist is also required to perform this treatment. If your tooth is badly damaged or decayed, the medical practitioner can fill the gap between your teeth with dental implant so that your teeth can be kept together and remain in good condition.

The crown method

This method is normally performed if the condition of the affected tooth is extremely bad or too weak for filling. It is done by repairing the affected tooth with crowns; the decayed portion of your teeth will be removed and be replaced with a crown (also known as cap). It is a gold-like or metal-like shape that will appear on you like the real tooth.


This treatment is best done when the decayed portion of your teeth is partially damaged. Your dentist can simply do the magic for you by patching up and filling the portion that is damaged with porcelain so that the tooth will come back to its original shape.


Having known that poor hygiene, some of the foods you eat, and bacteria are the major causes of dental cavities; there is always a way you can adopt to prevent yourself from this health condition. You should always keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after each meal, reduce your intake of sugar and starch so that your teeth will not be affected; you are to visit a dentist whenever you feel changes or pain around your teeth. Now you know How to Get Rid of Cavities.

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