Ways On How To Get Rid Of Bruises

How To Get Rid Of Bruises

Oh no! You got into a brawl with a nasty biker and landed yourself a bruise! Well, that’s the story you will tell your friends tough guy (I did too!). You need to know how to get rid of bruises before your mom notices, I get it. Let’s learn how to get rid of bruises. The body can undergo several conditions. When you have noticed something unusual or undesirable in your body, you have to seek medical advice immediately so that it will be addressed. If you think that you can still handle it, you can choose to try doing some home remedies first. But you need to make sure that it can really be effective towards alleviating whatever it is that you are currently experiencing. You should not leave anything unattended because it will only make things worse if not given proper care. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of bruises.

Clumsiness can even lead to serious conditions

Whether it is a result of an accident or it is your clumsiness, you might end up hurting yourself. There are times that because you are in a hurry, you will suddenly bump into an object and the collision will result for tiny blood vessels to break and to be damaged.

Although this is not very fatal, you still have to deal with it immediately because when left unattended might even result to a more difficult problem. You can have bruises in different ways. This is usually acquired through small things that results to formation of black, blue or red spots on the skin as it suffers from trauma when you collided with other objects unexpectedly.


It may not be very life-threatening to you but you have to do something to make it disappear immediately without having to wait for many days before it will totally vanish. Appearance of bruises can vary depending upon the age of a person. You can employ quick treatments that are already used by many people and it is said to be effective in preventing it from getting worse.

Apply cold compress – This is to prevent it from getting bigger or simply covering a larger portion in your skin. The cooling effect will not only stop the bruising from occupying more areas on the skin but it can also help alleviate the pain that is brought by this.

Apply warn compress – This is to increase blood flow after blood vessels were damaged. Just get a cloth and immerse it in a warm water, squeeze the absorbed water and then put it on top of the bruise to help facilitate blood flow.

Use of massage oil – When applying this oil as you massage the bruised area, make sure that you do it gently. Don’t put pressure on it as it may only cause more pain instead of reducing inflammation.

How does each treatment vary?

It varies depending upon the age of the person and the bruise that is created. But still despite the varying treatment requirements, you have to make sure that procedures were followed thoroughly to expect for positive results.

Is it necessary to call a doctor?

Depending upon the severity of the condition, the service may or may not be needed. As long as it does not pose any threat to the person, then home remedies will do. If you follow the above suggestions, you can eliminate bruises. A doctor should not be needed.