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How to Get Rid of Arm Fat

How to Get Rid of Arm Fat

How to Get Rid of Arm Fat

Getting rid of stubborn arm fat is a primary concern among modern American females. Statistically speaking, 33 percent of adult females have at least some fat on their arms which they are not comfortable with. This is an increasing problem due to a lesser use of our arms in the age of computers. Less reliance on manual labor and more on computers and technology removes nearly all physical activity which would combat fat in general. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Arm Fat.

How to get rid of arm fat is a common question which will lead you to a sleazy salesman with a cool, new product to use. Here is my first warning, any product which guarantees spot fat loss is practically useless. The fact is, to lose weight in a specific area, you need to lose fat in general. Some products do exist in the realm of Body Building to assist in losing specific area fat loss. Those are topical creams or lotions to apply to the spot. Before you think, “Why can’t I get that?” lets take a step back.

First of all, those lotions are thermogenic lotions which simply use extracts to loosen the fat cells and push them into your blood stream. It also only has a negligible effect. You still need to burn the fat yourself. Plus, if you eat food, your body still will use that as the primary energy source, making the expensive product useless. Unless you want to put in the work, the lotion is to no avail.

So, this begs the question, what will work?

First and foremost is calorie control. Control how many calories you consume. This differs person to person, based on a variety of factors including age, height, weight, gender, and activity level. The general numbers thrown around by nutritionists is 1200 calories for women, 2000 for men. This is wildly not accurate, but it is a general rule of thumb.

How do you speed this up? First of all is exercise. How to get rid of arm fat involves both aerobic activity and strength building will work. Building muscle will give your body more muscle burning mass to burn calories, which speeds up the process. Additionally, it improves the appearance of your arms. Aerobic activity also serves a role of burning more calories, which is always a good way to burn fat.

A final note to speed things up is to reduce carbohydrates. When losing fat, carbohydrates have a useful mechanism to absorb water when you burn the fat. This is to preserve the size of the fat cells. This often leads to a bloating look and believing your diet is to no avail. If you are working on your arms like a champ, and see no results, cut down on breads for a few days, let the water drain from your cells, and you will look better. This is the quickest way to have a quick boost in your arms, so to speak. Now you know How to Get Rid of Arm Fat.

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