How To Get Rid Of A Skunk: A Big Challenge

How To Get Rid Of A Skunk

If you used to watch cartoons in the past, then you might have come across a particular character named Pepe Le Pew. He is a skunk who is always in search for a love interest. Unfortunately for him, the odor that he emits is considered as a great turn-off. He might come across as quite adorable and cute but that is not the case of skunks in reality. These creatures are often associated with an odor that can be truly repelling as well as the other mischief that it causes to the neighborhood that it invades.

Getting to Know the Skunk

These creatures are classified as mammals. Their colors vary because though the most commonly seen one are the black and white ones there are also those that have cream, brown or gray colors. It is also easily identifiable because of its white stripes or series of dots that look like stripes on their back. They are not so big even if they can consume almost anything. Though they are not really that social, they also are not afraid of people. With that trouble can ensue.

Skunks do not actually cause harm to people by inflicting bites on them. On the other hand, they use their special characteristics to repel not just human beings but other creatures as well. They are quite notorious for the horrendous smell that arises when they spray something or someone. This is actually a protection for them against predators and if they do use it is advised to really stay away from them. The effect of the spray of foul odor can actually reach even up to ten feet so there should be a wide berth if people would like to avoid it.

A Wide Berth Given

The spray does not harm anybody but the odor can last up to weeks and may cause some discomfort. That is why for many, it is better to stay away from them or to just get rid of them. The next question would be how to get rid of a skunk. Catching them might mean getting sprayed and ending up so smelly. Killing them might mean going against the animal welfare code so there is a call for a more humane way of getting rid of it without ending up as its target.

Trapping them and relocating them is one of the ways employed to get rid of them. So far that method is the most effective one but it should also take some know-how to do it. For some, they would rather call a professional to do it. There are also those who use skunk deterrents such as flashing lights or sprinklers. That might surprise them and drive them away on that particular moment but there is still that chance that it might come back.

Preventive measures should be employed, then by making tall fences since it is said that they cannot really climb over it. It would also be good to clear the area so that they will not be attracted by what they might consider as food.

To be able to answer how to get rid of a skunk is most simply done with a humane trap. Catch and release is easier than you can imagine. First of all you need to set a trap. Wait? What trap. I bet you are imagining a piece of cheese and a carefully placed rope, right? Well, it is not that easy.

It is simple, put some bait in it. The skunk will come inside, and get trapped. Use the easy handle to put the cage in your vehicle and take it at least 30 miles away (To prevent the skunk from smelling its way back.