How to Get Rid of a Scar

How to Get Rid of a Scar

Getting a scar on your body especially face is a normal thing, but it makes your look and appearance dodgy. Basically, scar is a mark or a kind of identity left over after an injury. When you get injured severely and your injury heels, it leaves a mark on your skin known as a scar. How to Get Rid of a Scar is the question when you come to know that what scar actually is. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of a Scar.

There can be various kinds of scars on your body and the best possible way to get rid of the particular scar you have is to take a recommendation from your dermatologist. Your dermatologist will actually analyze the condition and type of scar you have and will give an appropriate remedy to it.

Some home remedies for getting rid of scars

  • Apply the extract of onion with the help of cotton few times a day and it will surely produce the results for you as it inhibits the overproduction of a tissue called collagen of the scar. This is a kitchen remedy for scar and is a useful one.
  • Also, use of Aloe Vera can help in answering the question how to get rid of a scar as this is a natural heeler of such things and is being used since centuries. Aloe Vera directly from the plant is most effective, but any gel with this ingredient present in the majority can also be of good use.
  • Amongst one of the most effective solutions to getting rid of a scar is the application of pure honey to your scar. It is the most recommended home remedy as it is easily and readily available everywhere and it is an antibiotic for skin infections as stated my many skin specialists.
  • Slathering cocoa butter is good for your skin and will help you overcome the scars, but it is not amongst the most effective remedies of getting rid from scars.

Other than the home remedies, how to get rid of a scar?

Using various creams, gels and ointments from the market can also be a way of getting rid of a scar. Silicon sheets and patches are also used by various people to get rid of a scar and it is good in a manner that it saves your scar from the heat of the sun, which will surely darken your scar. Another way of getting rid of a scar is surgery being carried out by surgeons these days in, which the surgeon takes off the upper part of your skin with the help of his instruments and this causes your skin to bleed. Now when bleeding skin heels you get a new skin and to your astonishment this skin is free of scars.

You must ensure one thing that any of the remedial action you are applying, you need to apply it consistently for some time to see a good answer to the question how to get rid of a scar. Now you know How to Get Rid of a Scar.