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How to Get Rid of a Head Cold

How to Get Rid of a Head Cold

How to Get Rid of a Head Cold

Nowadays, we can’t avoid getting sick. Getting sick means that our bodies are trying to fight off any bacteria or virus that wants to penetrate and stay in our bodies. The effects of this battle may include symptoms of runny noses, head colds, coughs and etc. These are just signs that show that our body’s defense system is fighting back.

There are many types of sickness that have been studied and researched. Usually, these sicknesses are classified into two types; they could either be infectious or non-infectious. Doctors and researchers are trying to find cures and vaccines for fatal sicknesses.

People could get sick in a number of ways. It could be due to the weather or season. Heat and cold could put pressure into our bodies. Sickness could also be caught from sick people who you’ve come in contact with. Just a simple shake of the hand from a person with colds could get you sick. It could also be caused by too much stress. Remember that when the body’s resistance is weak, there is a high possibility that viruses could easily bypass your body’s immune system. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of a Head Cold.

Head Colds

A common sickness is having head cold, also known as the common cold. It enters the body through the mouth, nose or eyes. Head colds are harmless, but it doesn’t seem that way when you actually have it. A large number of viruses can actually cause head colds, but symptoms may not be the same. The common cold is highly contagious. It could spread through simple droplets in the air when someone infected coughs or simply talks. You are likely to catch a cold when you touch your mouth or nose one you’ve come in contact with a sick person. If you have a head cold, it becomes essential to know How to Get Rid of a Head Cold.

Children are usually the ones with a higher risk of getting head colds due to the fact that they have a lower immune system. Head colds usually stay for a minimum of one week. It is commonly cured without any medical assistance but if it goes beyond two weeks, it is advisable to seek a doctor.

Head Colds: Signs and Symptoms

Head cold virus usually affect the nose and sinuses. Signs of head colds usually appear a day or two after exposure to the virus that caused it. Symptoms may include:

  •    Sore throat- this is the pain located in the throat, it is caused by an inflammation due to the virus
  •    Coughing- coughing cannot be avoided when having head colds, it is usually triggered by itchiness in the throat
  •    Runny or stuffy nose- during cases of head colds, the nose usually expels excessively thick mucus out the nose. Mucus discharged may either be yellowish or greenish.
  •    Mild headache- having colds may trigger slight headaches now and then
  •    Watery eyes- excessive tears overflowing due to eye irritation
  •    Slight fever- the difference with colds from other viruses is that you won’t have a high fever, only slightly.
  •    Congestion- this means that there’s a clogging in the nasal cavity
  •    Slight body pain- head colds may cause body pain, it also makes your body feel heavy during these times

Curing Head Colds

So how do we get rid of a head cold?  There is no common cure for head colds. There are no antibiotics proven to cure head colds. But there are ways to soothe the body instead. Soothing sore throats, headaches or body pains are the next best things instead.

Head colds usually affect the sinuses and there are remedies that would help ease the pain and discomfort. Here are a few remedies that could help you:

  •    Pain Relievers- taking in pain relievers can soothe fever, headaches, and sore throats. But remember to take in the prescribed dosage. Overdosing on pain relievers could cause serious health issues, especially in the liver. It is proven that taking in too many pills could cause liver damage.
  •    Nasal Sprays- since colds usually affect the sinuses, try using nasal sprays when there is a blockage in the nose. It would help lessen the discomfort you feel.
  •    Cough Syrups- colds can cause an itchy feeling in the throat, triggering you to have coughing fits. Having this fits can prove to be a huge discomfort on your part, especially when it comes to public. Taking in cough syrup could help lessen the itchiness.
  •    Drink Lots of Fluid- it is always advisable to drink a lot of water. This method is also known as water therapy. You don’t have to take meds, just drink plenty of water.

Setting an Appointment

When it has gone past two weeks already, it is time to set up an appointment with the doctor. There are also signs that signify that you should really see a doctor.

  •    For Adults- when you have a fever accompanied by sweating and cough with oddly colored phlegm, severe sinus pain; it’s time to seek medical attention.
  •    For Children- the younger ones are the ones usually affected with head colds. It’s okay and curable for a few days but if it seems to worsen head colds get to severe, they may develop ear infections. Immediately seek medical attention if the child starts vomiting, fever rises, persistent crying and coughing, severe headache or ear pain.

In case this ever happens, remember to remain calm and immediately see a doctor.

Visiting the Doctor

When you have already set an appointment, remember to prepare for it. The doctor may ask you a number of things and you should answer honestly and precisely for the needed prescription.

Remember to note when the sickness has started. Also, state all the signs and symptoms that have shown. Don’t leave anything out. You could also prepare questions you would like to ask the doctor regarding your illness.

Always follow the doctor’s advice. Take in any medication the doctor has prescribed for you. By this point, a healthy lifestyle should be practiced to further strengthen your body’s immune system. It’s always an itchy situation when it comes to head cold.  Now you have all the tools to answer your question of How to Get Rid of a Head Cold. Now you know How to Get Rid of a Head Cold. 

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