How to Get Rid of a Hangover at Home Fast

If you are feelings nauseated or if you have a very nasty headache or stomachache, then chances are you have a hangover. If you have been drinking too much alcohol the previous day, then the question is yes you do have a hangover. There are a lot of steps that you can control a hangover and prevent it from ruining your day especially if you have a job the next day and you cannot perform your tasks because you have a very nasty headache that keeps on disturbing you.

Get a lot of sleep

One of the best ways to treat a hangover is to get a lot of sleep. If you have a day off and you have nothing to do but stay in bed and just rest the entire day until your hangover is gone for good. It can also help if you drink a lot of water. Excessive alcohol consumption can make dehydrate you so it is important that hydrate yourself with water so that you can get back the fluids that you lost. For every glass of alcohol, it is best that you drink two glasses of water.

Eat foods that are high in fat

Fat is a lot better than carbohydrates when it comes to slowing down the absorption of alcohol in your body. Steaks, sausages, pizza and deep-fried foods are good to eat before you go to a party that might require you to drink a lot of booze. The fat will sit on your body for about 12 hours and will lubricate the lining of the intestines which will make your body absorb the alcohol slowly. You can also eat high-fat foods while you are drinking alcoholic drinks like beer and whiskey.

Take painkillers

One of the more effective ways on how to get rid of a hangover headache is to take over the counter painkillers like ibuprofen or aspirin. Painkillers take effect after about four hours so taking them before you go to bed can control your hangover in the next morning.

Other methods to control hangovers

Try to cook some bouillon soup to restore salt and potassium in your body. The potassium that you can obtain from the soup can help in the nerve and muscle function of your body. When you drink alcohol, you lose potassium when you urinate, and it is best that you replenish this by preparing the soup or eating bananas which is a fruit that is high in potassium. Consuming foods and drinks that are high in fructose can also help in getting rid of the alcohol in your system much faster. High fructose foods such as fruits and fruit juices can ease the metabolic effects of alcohol in your body.

A few products do exist which specifically answer how to get rid of a hangover. These products, often sold at gas stations and liquor stores are not created equal. I prefer natural vitamins.

There are a lot of other ways you can get rid of hangovers, but perhaps the best and most widely used solution is to get a lot of sleep and also control your alcohol intake so that you will not experience any hangovers the day after you drank beer or whiskey.