How to get rid of a cold at home

How to get rid of a cold

Having a cold can be very discomforting. A cold is so discomforting, every time you get one you search the internet for a solution on how to get rid of a cold. You run to the grocery store to stock up on any and every medicine to strike your cold down.  Your nose keeps on running, you have a very nasty headache and you keep on sneezing. Colds can also make you feel drowsy or sleepy all of the time and can really be a nuisance. Colds can really affect your life, especially if you are at work. It is important that you treat your cold early before it ruins the rest of your day. There are several factors that causes colds but the most common cause of colds is the weather.

It is important that you know how to get rid of a cold. Usually colds disappear without medications after about a week or two. But there are ways that you can speed up your recovery and feel better sooner.

Getting rid of colds

There are several over the counter medications that you can find to cure your cold. Some of these remedies include cough medicine, analgesics and petroleum jelly. Make sure that you follow the instructions when using the medicines and take the recommended dosage. Also some medications might make you feel sleepy and drowsy. For even better results from medications, you can also visit your doctor and ask for medicines for your cold.

Home remedies that are guaranteed to work

If you opt not to use medicines, you can also use several tools that you can find in your home. There are a lot of home remedies that can help you get rid of your cold. These home remedies are safe for both children and adults.


If you have a cold or any other illness, it is important that you stay hydrated at all times. You should increase the intake of water so that it can loosen the mucus in your throat and your mouth. The more water you consume, the better the results will be. This type of method is called a water therapy. Gargling salt water can also help ease your throat. Sore throats are common if you have a cold. Make sure though that you do not swallow the salt water and after you have gargled, spit it out right away.

Hot soup

Colds are often caused by cold weather, sipping in hot soup can help in clearing your nose as well as loosen the mucus that is collected in your chest. Chicken soup is recommended if you have a cold. If you have soup that is in spicy flavor, it can also be a good option. Eating spicy foods can help you get rid of colds by also loosening the mucus and making it easier for you to cough out the mucus and can also clear your headache.

If any of these remedies do not work, then your cold might be a symptom of an even serious disease. If you have tried everything and nothing works for you, it might be best to schedule an appointment and have a health check up with your doctor to make sure that you get proper treatment and feel better.