How to get Rid of Stray Cats Without Harming Them

How to get Rid of Stray Cats

Yes, stray cats. Even if cats are adorable they tend to be quite a nuisance when they are homeless and set their battlegrounds and concert halls under our windows or in our dumpsters. Keep reading to learn How to get Rid of Stray Cats.

Nobody likes to wake up in the middle of the night with random cats fighting for food in their back yard, so here are some tips on how to get rid of stray cats, without harming them:

  • You need to remove food sources, as they are in continuous search of food.
  • You need to remove any possibility of shelter in the area.
  • You can scare them and/or repel them away. There are a lot of repelling methods, but most of them rely on the cat’s superior sense of smell to work. Such methods are spraying the area with fox urine, pepper spray or citrus juice.
  • You can rely on motion-sensing sprinklers if you wish, to scare them away.
  • You can call Animal Control in order for the authorities in charge to come and “take care” of these so called “pests” safely.
  • You can trap the cats and move them to another area, but be very careful! Some cats are quite vicious and will attack if they feel any trace of hostility.
  • Find a good home for the cats which are not violent by nature.

Seeking professional aid about how to get rid of stray cats is a great idea, but remember that if the violent ones will end up in a shelter, there is a chance nobody will adopt them, and most probably they will be put down before anyone decides to be patient with them.

Researching how to get rid of stray cats can be mind-opening to the possibilities of “fixing” this urban problem, so be sure you chose a non-violent way to deal with yours. Now you know How to get Rid of Stray Cats.