How to get rid of Cysts without a Doctor

How to get rid of Cysts

There are many types of cysts. The cyst we are going to get rid of are the variation which form on the skin. The scope of this is not to act as a medical professional and tell you how to get rid of an Ovarian Cyst or a Bakers Cyst. If you have in internal cyst such as a Bakers Cyst, you have an entirely different set of instructions to remove it. Same goes for Ovarian Cysts. For those types of Cysts, your best bet is to go to a doctor. Keep reading to learn How to get rid of Cysts.

Some advice for the see a doctor type of cysts are simple to help tide you off. For a Bakers Cyst, you have the ideal option of using an ice wrap to reduce the Cyst to make it manageable. Obviously, this is temporary as an internal Cyst can be tricky. For those who do not know, a Bakers Cyst is typically developed behind your knee after exercise. You will want to go to a doctor to remove this type of Cyst in my experience, but an ice pack will tide you off.

An Ovarian Cyst is a delicate subject. Contraceptive is the single best way to prevent and cure an Ovarian Cyst, which would require you to go see a doctor. This is obviously a topic for women only. Go see your OBGYN. If you cannot afford or do not want a surgical option, Contraception does help get rid of an Ovarian Cyst. Unfortunately, this is not how to get rid of an Ovarian Cyst, this is how to get rid of a cyst, so if you have a specific type of cyst, see a doctor.

Onto the often gross, pimple like cysts we all dread. Your first course of action is to calm down. A cyst needs to be looked at like a really bad pimple. Popping it, cutting it, or attempting to drain it yourself is often worse. Unless you think a scar will make you look macho, like myself, cutting a cyst yourself is a horrible idea. Even if you want to look cool and have a bunch of scars, the issue of dirty medical equipment or lack of medical equipment and the fact most likely you have no idea what you are doing should scare you straight.

If you really want to try and ‘pop’ a cyst, you need to realize it is not a pimple you can just pop. In fact, it is kind of the opposite. Think of it as a pouch of fluid under the skin above the muscle. You need to cut through all of your skin to pop it. Sounds a lot worse when you think of it this way. That is because it is. On the other hand, if you still think it is a good idea to try a DIY remove a cyst experiment, feel free. This is not a good answer to How to get rid of Cysts.

How a doctor would do it is simple. Cut along the cyst, peel the skin back, remove the cyst. They never cut the cyst directly. So remove any romantic notions of pimple popping, this will not be so pretty. If you do not have medical equipment, do not try it.

The best, and really only non surgical option, is to use a cold compress on the cyst. A cold compress will act to reduce the cyst and over time make it manageable. If will take care of itself and a cold compress will expedite the process. Your best bet is to jump to it as quickly as possible as waiting will allow the cyst to become worse.

A cold compress can be most simply done with some patience. First, find a clean small towel. Then soak the towel in as cold water as you are willing to touch, the colder the better. Third step is you press the cold towel to your cyst and apply as much pressure as possible. As much pressure is relative. In all honestly moderate pressure consistently will work, but for some people, they stop once their arms get sore or it slightly hurts. The real answer is, enough pressure to work and not too much to pop the cyst.

Aside from a cold compress, you best option is to go to a doctor. A cold compress will speed things up, but not totally eliminate them. Keep this in mind. You also will want to be careful to not pop it or cut it. Unless you remove it properly, you will release all of the toxins back into your skin, which is a bad idea. A really bad idea. So play it safe and use a cold compress and if you really want to cut it out, see a doctor. How to get rid of a cyst is a simple question to answer. You will want to be patient, use pressure, and do not do anything reckless. Now you know How to get rid of Cysts.