Backpacks Vs. Duffle bags – Which fits you best?

Pros and Cons of Getting a Backpack 

Using a backpack is very convenient in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of backpack you acquire, it’s usually built for a certain purpose and has extra features. Many backpacks come with a cup holder (or even two) as well as 2 or more pockets (a large and mid-size one). You can easily carry a backpack around on your back with everything of importance with you. Depending on what you pack inside, it’s usually light to carry and you won’t even notice it at times! There’s also a variety of convenient yet cool-stylish backpacks!

In contrast, a backpack comes with less security and the potential problem of being too small. For example, a backpack secures all your belongings with just a zipper; if you’re somewhere busy or compacted with many people it’s not hard for one to unzip your backpack and take something. Another reason theft is more probable, is that your backpack is behind you, that being said you won’t know what’s being done to it.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Duffle Bag 

Duffle bags can be a better pick for one who needs to carry more of their belongings or likes more security. Another benefit out of a duffle bag is that there’s typically three straps. One strap is long and meant for you to put on your shoulder to easily carry it around. The other two straps are usually small and meant to be used so you can hold it as a suit-case. Continuing with the list of benefits for a duffle bag you’ll have more vision pertaining to what’s happening around it. It’ll either be held by your hand or on the side of you so you can see it almost at all times (making theft very hard).

That being said, there are also flaws for picking a duffle bag. Having weight on your shoulder gets tiring, especially since it’s on one shoulder only making it unbalanced. You can work around this by alternating shoulders or securely placing it in a locker or somewhere if possible. Another potential issue (that also pertains to backpacks but more so a duffle bag), is that the strap is more probable of breaking or tearing. That one strap around your shoulder is typically carrying a lot of weight and always being stretched so it can stay on your shoulder.

The Final Question – Which One to Pick? 

In the end, it’s all up to personal opinion and what’s the specific purpose of getting one. It varies on multiple circumstances. When making your final decision, take in consideration what you’d be using it for and how much you’d need to pack. Also be sure to wary of any shoulder/back issues or injuries that can stop you from using it. Finally, if it’s a gift for someone or may be of symbolic meaning to you, consider personalizing your backpack or duffle bag. You’d have more room to personalize your duffle bag because of the size