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How to Get Rid of Scars on Legs

How to Get Rid of Scars on Legs

You love fashion but can’t wear shorts, mini skirts or even a little black dress without leggings. Your friends tease you about being too conservative, but that’s not it. The truth is– you have scars on your legs and you don’t want to show them so you prefer to cover your legs in clothing everyday. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion to hide those marks because there are ways on how to get rid of scars on legs. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Scars on Legs.


Anatomy of a scar


A scar is a mark or discoloration left after the body heals itself from an injury. Scar composition may vary. Some may appear darker or lighter than the surrounding skin. Others are lumpy and could appear embossed. The appearance of scars differ depending on the severity of an injury and the part of the body affected.


How to get rid of scars on legs


There are medical procedures and home remedies that can hep eliminate scars or at least make them less obvious. Here are ways on how to get rid of scars on legs:

  • Skin lightening products. Soaps, toners, creams and gels containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid or kojic acid are proven to lighten dark scars.
  • Chemical peels. Chemicals are applied to skin resulting in gentle peeling around 2 days after the treatment.
  • Dermabrasion. This removes top layer of the skin, including scars. Deeper scars may not be removed through this procedure, but may look less obvious.
  • Lemon juice. Full of citric acid, lemon juice could be used to fade scars from spots. Just apply fresh lemon juice on the scar, leave for 20 minutes, and rinse.
  • Olive oil. Olive oil could be applied to skin to help scars fade. This oil has a high acidity level which could be helpful in making scars lighter in color.
  • Natural oils such as Rosehip oil and Tea tree oil. These oils are known to fade scars over time, Apply the oils directly at the scar two times a day. No need to rinse.


Quick fix for scars


Need a quick scar fix to be able to wear a new short dress? Use concealer and foundation to cover your scar. Dab a small amount of concealer on your scar, blend well, and dust with a little foundation. Using water proof concealer on your leg scars is a great idea especially if you don’t want to retouch every a few hours. Now you know How to Get Rid of Scars on Legs.

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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

Man boobs, popularly known as mobs form as a result of excess fatty tissue around a man’s breast which is medically caused by enlarged mammary glands. Mobs can make men feel discomfort and cause stress in their day to day activities. If you are suffering from this health condition and you want to get rid of it, this article will help you on how to achieve that. You can learn How to Get Rid of Man Boobs. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of Man Boobs.

Commit yourself to losing weight

If you are overweight, chances are you will develop man boobs faster. Therefore, try to involve yourself in activities that can help you burn fats and start leaning. Reduce your daily calorie intake and eat foods that can help you reduce weight.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise can make you burn large amount of fat and will help you get rid of man boobs quicker than other methods. You should involve yourself in exercises that can include swimming, rowing, boxing, martial arts etc. these will not only make you burn fat, but can also help strengthen your muscles. These exercises can also make you burn a lot of calories than you have consumed in foods and drinks.

Change your diet habits

It is helpful to know that the type of foods you eat plays an important role in determining the amount of fat your body will store. If you have huge amount of fat in your body (especially around your chest area) chances are you may likely suffer from man boobs. You should try to limit fatty foods and drinks intake in your diets everyday and encourage yourself in meal spacing. If you can be able to change your diet habits and stick to positive balance diet, your man boobs will be history within shortage period.

Consider surgery

The best method you can adopt to enable you get rid of man boobs is through cosmetic surgery. If you can afford and have the courage to undergo through this process, your man boobs will be taking care of in a very short time. The kind of surgery you will be involved in is called “mammoplasty,” and is usually performed by highly skilled medical professionals who specialize in breast reduction plastic surgery. In this situation, the surgeon will remove the fatty deposits and mammary gland tissues such as Liposuction and excision to lower the breast profile.

Tips and warnings

  • You should limit your alcohol consumption, because it can aid increase your estrogen and lower your testosterone which will in turn, leads to more increase in appearance of male breast tissue.
  • Reduce your daily calories intake
  • Man boobs are not life-threatening; therefore you should be patient in trying to get rid of them, because it may likely take time to achieve your desired body shape.
  • Maintain a positive habit in your diets, space your meals to reduce the amount of food you consume at once. This can save you from developing excess weight.
  • Encourage daily exercise that can make you burn a huge amount of calories than you’ve consumed from your foods and drinks.

Now you know How to Get Rid of Man Boobs.

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How to Get Rid of a Cramp

How to Get Rid of a Cramp

Getting rid of a cramp is an interesting subject because it has two answers. The answer is strictly based upon the kind of cramp. Firstly, the type which strikes your muscles. A cramp is most often and best treated by stretching. Stretch out the muscle to ease the pain. In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so lets look at how you get a cramp. Keep reading to learn How to Get Rid of a Cramp.

Cramps are usually the on set of over lapping or constricting muscles which cause pain. This is often caused by sudden unusual movement or an abrupt action your body is not accustomed to. If you sit in a funny position you can get a cramp. This seems to be the illusive obvious. A little bit of prevention will circumvent the issue entirely.

You start by stretching before you attempt any rigorous activity. Rigorous is defined by any activity which is taxing. This could be a jog or a marathon. This entirely depends upon your fitness and activity level. If you will break a sweat, it would be defined as rigorous. This si the process of warming up and cooling down to prevent cramps. You warm up by stretching before any physical activity.

When you finish your activity, you are even more prone to a cramp. This is because when you cool down normally, your muscles are still tense and constricted from working out, when you cool down they constrict further creating a cramp. The get out of this issue, stretching will solve the problem. This means slowly stretch and cool your body down in a systematic way.

Most cramps are the cause of extreme movement or activity, but can be prevented by proper hydration and warming up. Hydration comes into play with the consumption of water before, during and after the activity. You cant rehydrate by just drinking a bunch of water at once and attempt to cure a cramp. Water will just flow right through you. Your best bet is to drink something with electrolytes in it.

Some common knowledge here is that two of the common electrolytes are sodium and magnesium. If you eat a salty snack and drink some water you should be fine. Sodium, or commonly called salt, helps you retain water longer, preventing dehydration. A lot of products are sold touting electrolytes but that essentially means a pinch of essential minerals to make the water count. This is the best solution to How to Get Rid of a Cramp.

Proper stretching and hydration will prevent and cure nearly all cramps you will get. The other type of cramp is centric to women alone. This is not my scope of knowledge, but the best way to cure this type of cramp is over the counter medication. How to get rid of cramps is easy enough to solve. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Warm up, stay hydrated and cool down will take care of any physically caused cramps. If you get one despite your best effort, a good helping of stretching will get you over the cramp if you grit your teeth and fight through it. Now you know How to Get Rid of a Cramp.

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